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About Black Box Adventures

Black Box Adventures is a new indie game developer located in the Netherlands.

Black Box Adventures exists of 3 passionate tabletop-gamers. Our mission is to create and publish quality tabletop games with a unique twist. Do or do not, there is no try.


Our boardgames


Revenge of the Dictators

A dynamic rat race through the United States of America with your own dictator!


Revenge of the Dictators:

The American Agent aka Bob

With this expansion for Revenge of the Dictators you’ll have one agent of extra fun.


Frutti di Mare:

Veni, Vidi, Antipasti!

A battle royale on a plate of spaghetti!

Upcoming boardgames


Itchy Monkey

Itchy Monkey is easy to learn, but is a very strategic and tactical game!


Climate Oasis

A collaborative resource management board game that takes place in the year 2070, and explores possible (and fantastical) challenges society might face.

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  • Old school games? NEIN! At the official release party of the insane board game Revenge of the Dictators and the 1st edition of the Limburg Board Game

  • The season of board games has opened, so during the upcoming months, you can find Black Box Adventures on the following conventions: 02 October 2016 S

  • We are so excited to be presenting our first board game Revenge of the Dictators at Essen Spiel. For years we would go to Essen as visitors to check o

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