Licence to Kill

With Itchy Monkey: Licence to Kill (the first double expansion for Itchy Monkey), the game is changing…

Now available for €10,-

While overpopulated infested monkeys try to free their clan of lice, some of the lice are being trained in the art of deceit and deception.

Try your hands on Spy Lice and Itch Away!

Spy Lice

With the Spy Lice expansion, players get to add 3 new lice to their family of lice. These lice can be used to infiltrate Monkeys from other players, and with that take partial control of those Monkeys.

Itch Away!

In Itch Away! players will play as the Monkeys. Every player chooses a species of Monkeys in the game, and the first player to get rid of all lice on his/her Monkey species wins the game.

  • 12x Wooden Spy Lice
  • 1x Rulesheet (English)

Itchy Monkey: Licence to Kill comes with one double-sided rulesheet in English. Should you want, you can download a PDF copy, or a rulesheet in another language here.

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