Adventures in Neverland

Experience Adventures in Neverland…

…as imagined by Vicky Swers, based on J.M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan”. Take the role of the wayward Peter, the notorious captain Hook and many more, while you explore the ever-changing island. Your adventure will guide you from the seductive merfolk in the lagoon, to the brave natives in the mountains and all the other secrets the island has to offer. 

As everybody’s Neverland is different, every game will be a new adventure, with new possibilities and new challenges to face.

Kickstarter launches

April, 2020

Second to the right,

and straight on till morning!

Adventures in Neverland includes 6 playable characters for 2-4 players, with a load of adventures and numerous side quests. The large game board, random locations, and the global events all effect the island, re-imagining Neverland every time you play the game. The immersive stories ensure you’ll find yourself in a world of wonder and mystery.

The game is suitable from the age of 10 and takes about 20 to 30 minutes per player.

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