Frutti di Mare:

Veni, Vidi, Antipasti!

Yes… Seafood and Spaghetti!

A deadly combination bound to give you a delicious taste of war. At the head of the army stands the great King Crab: commander of vast seafood armies, breaker of chains and inspirational leader in the most dire of times. The ranks of your army consist of a nicely balanced mix of Mighty Mussels, Cunning Calamari, and Shy Shrimps, topped with some Smoking Salmon and Loyal Lobsters. Frutti di Mare offers a wide palet to satisfy every taste. Except vegetarians of course.

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Do you like gaming? Do you like food?

Then order this plate now to get an unforgettable delicious taste of war!

Two to six players

30 minutes and up

Ages 10 and up

In more detail, the players take their turn in a clockwise order. The player that cooks the best pasta starts the game. Each turn consists of 3 phases:

  • Income Phase (gain coins to spend in de recruitment phase)
  • Recruitment Phase (buy fresh Frutti to strengthen your army)
  • Action Phase (move and attack with your Frutti)

In addition, the King Crab can give one inspirational speech each turn with a variety of effects.

There are three possibilities to win Frutti di Mare: Veni, Vidi, Antipasti!:

  • Reach the center of the plate with your King Crab
  • Stay at the center of the plate with a Royal Frutti for 1 full round
  • Eliminate your opponents’ King Crabs.
  • 1x Round Game Board (the Plate)
  • 78x Cardboard Frutti Figurines (the Frutti)
  • 60x Coins
  • 30x Cardboard Pearls
  • 3x Custom Attack Dice
  • 3x Custom Defense Dice
  • 1x Custom King Crab Die
  • 90x Colored Stands (15 per color)
  • 6x Menus (English/Nederlands/Deutsch/Français)
  • 4x Manual (the Recipe) (English/Nederlands/Deutsch/Français)

Frutti di Mare comes with four hardcopy versions of our rulebook: an English, a Dutch, a German and a French version is included in the box.

Should you want, you can download a PDF copy here.

Frutti di Mare comes with 6 Menus.

Should you want, you can download a PDF copy here.

Meet the King Crab

The King Crab can do nothing but give inspirational speeches.
Each inspirational speech will have a different effect, and will either
make the King Crab gain a life or lose one or more lives.
Choose wisely!

What people said about our game

“My family and I had a great time playing Frutti di Mare. There is something wonderfully satisfying at watching seafood battling it out at my gaming table!”

  • Lance Myxter, Undead Viking

“Never have I witnessed a crustacean carnage of this magnitude! Never has humanity seen such a calamari calamity as the one taking place in front of my very eyes right now. The Spaghetti Skirmish has reached its high point and the Frutti fatalities are through the roof. This is not dinner, this is total and utter war!”

  • Ferry Adams, Dumee Gamer

Frutti di Mare is een heerlijk interactief spel met een smakelijke vormgeving, wat door de verschillende ingrediënten telkens weer nieuwe strategische keuzes aan haar spelers biedt. Een bord vol plezier voor jong & oud!”

  • Bastiaan Nox, Nox’s Spellenzolder


Still not convinced?

Try the digital version of the game on Tabletop Simulator on Steam.

Made possible by Dominik.

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